How to Do Online Registration of a New Vehicle?

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How to Do Online Registration of a New Vehicle?

Owning a vehicle is a dream of many. Be it a two-wheeler or a 4-wheeler. Besides being considered a status symbol, owning a vehicle is also considered a small but significant part of autonomy and growth. Because investing in a vehicle and maintaining the same is no joke.

So if you are about to buy a new vehicle or already own one, you must understand the importance of registering it with the authorities. Moreover, it’s vital to understand how to register it – Is online vehicle registration available, or do you need to do it in person? Let’s find out.

What is Vehicle Registration?

Vehicle registration is a process whereby the Regional Transport Office (RTO), a government organization responsible for maintaining the database of vehicles across India, assigns a permanent registration number. It is unique to your vehicle and cannot be changed.

Why Do You Need It?

A vehicle registration certificate is crucial for many reasons. One, it is proof that you own the vehicle. Two, it gives you the legal right to sell the vehicle or transfer its ownership. Without it, you cannot indulge in either of the activities.

Finally, if you meet with an accident, the vehicle registration number helps track the vehicle and its owner. This helps in claiming insurance. Underlying all this is a law that makes registering your vehicle mandatory. The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 outlines that an individual cannot drive a vehicle unless it is registered. Furthermore, the vehicle must display the number at all times.

How to Register Your Vehicle?

Vehicle registration can be done in 2 ways – via the vehicle dealer or by yourself.

Via Dealer

On purchasing a new vehicle from a dealer, the dealership won’t deliver the car until after registration, implying that the dealer will handle the registration. All they need is the necessary information and documentation from you. The dealer may, however, impose a service fee.

By Yourself

You can use this approach when you want to register a new vehicle in a different city or state. For this, you must go to the RTO, complete the paperwork, pay the fees and taxes, and then present the car for inspection.

Process for Vehicle Registration

To register the vehicle with the RTO, do the following –

  • Take your new vehicle to the RTO
  • Fill in the application form with the documents
  • After the RTO officer verifies them, pay the fees and tax. Collect your receipt.
  • The motor vehicle inspector with inspect your vehicle and upload the vehicle’s data to the database.
  • Then, the RTO Superidentent verifies the data uploaded, and the Assistant Officer approves the registration.
  • Once done, a Registration Certificate smartcard will be generated.
  • After the Registration Certificate is ready, the RTO will post it to your official address.

Can you Register Your Vehicle Online?

Unfortunately, the RTO does not offer online vehicle registration via the Parivahan portal. However, you can apply for the renewal online.

Wrapping Up

Vehicle registration is essential and non-negotiable. Once you register your vehicle, you can apply for a number plate, which is critical. Remember, you are required to carry your RC at all times with you. Thus, ensure you apply for one. If you already have one, then ensure that it’s valid.

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