Rangr Media Helping Small Businesses Increase Revenue Through Digital Advertising Campaigns

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An Ex-college football athlete is using his winning skills to help businesses succeed. Their services are aimed at but not limited to chiropractors, dentists, plastic surgeons, Physical Therapists, Shopify Stores, and Digital Education Companies.

A new dedicated digital marketing company has been launched by an Ex-college football athlete to help businesses succeed. Dan Waldrop who founded Rangr Media wants to transfer his winning skills from the field to the World Wide Web and help chiropractors, dentists, plastic surgeons, Physical Therapists, Shopify Stores, and Digital Education Companies to increase their customer base and revenue.

Rangr Media has been described as one of the most exciting new digital marketing companies for their powerful and positive results and for using techniques that allow the business to increase its ROI. Unlike other digital marketing companies available, the team at Rangr Media doesn’t promise results, they achieve them.

One of the biggest complaints about some digital marketing companies is their marketing techniques. Instead of looking at the business, product, or service and understand their client’s needs, they instead of using a marketing blanket. This means they don’t take into account who their clients are aiming at, or what type of service or product they are trying to gain sales for. Instead, they market to the masses instead of dedicating their campaign to the market that will be interested in becoming a customer. Rangr Media are totally different and that is why they achieve positive results and increase their client’s customer base while reducing their marketing spend.

The team at Rangr Media will first analyze the business, service, and product to look at the type of marketing that is required and the customer type they should be aiming at. With having this information at hand, they can launch a successful digital marketing campaign within budget.

With 60% of the global population using the Internet, and with more than $861.12 billion in sales online in the USA alone, it is more important than ever to market products, brands, and services online. By ignoring the Internet, and by not using professional digital marketing companies such as Rangr Media, businesses will and are losing out.

Rangr Media provide a free consultation where the potential client can get to know more about the company and understand how they can help them succeed. To learn more about Rangr Media, please visit https://rangrmedia.com

Rangr Media

Rangr Media was founded by Dan Waldrop an Ex-college football athlete (University of Nebraska) who has transferred his winning skills to the business sector.

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