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Rank tracking is one of the favorite SEO strategies used by marketers. It is the ultimate measurement of the keyword performance after all the hard work of keyword research and on-page SEO. 

For anyone in the digital marketing field, keeping track of keyword ranking is an important exercise that will determine how well-targeted keywords perform in any search engine rankings. For marketers, their main cup of tea is SEO. Looking out for tools that would help them boost their content visibility and gain positions in SERP rankings is a regular exercise.

One of the most effective SERP checker tools is the Google Rank Tracker known as Zutrix, which is currently being used by thousands of site owners, brands and bloggers. Before diving deeper into the many features of this tool, we’d also like to cover some of the most important basics of SEO as well.

The Importance of SEO and Keyword Tracking

When one begins using a keyword tracking tool, be sure to focus on the following benefits:

  • Improve one’s content and link building, thereby boosting the site traffic.

  • Identify competitors who are doing well in search rankings and emulate their SEO strategies, especially using keywords with the highest volumes.

  • Get insight on users’ search intent and work accordingly to improve Google rankings. 

With all of these key factors and data points in place, it will be much easier for you to see faster results.

Top SEO Features of Zutrix Rank Tracker Tool 

This intelligent assistant uses AI-powered accuracy to help marketers aiming for targeted search phrases in search engines. This simple rank tracking tool is trusted and used by businesses and marketers alike. The objective of using the tool is to help digital marketing of brands reach out to a vast audience and grow. 

The tool has simple settings and allows users to optimize their SEO strategy in an organized manner using the keyword planner and get useful performance reports. 

Highly Recommended SEO Features of Zutrix

Zutrix, with its simple interface, is a great beginner-friendly tool that allows one to sign up a start using the tool for free. A user can set their preference in the tool and use it without any difficulties. Its simple keyword tracking template and competitor analysis dashboard help make informed decisions. 

Alerts and notifications 

Zutrix sends notifications and alerts through Email, Telegram, and slack for any positional changes. A user can configure the notification frequency with the help of the Zutrix sensor. 

The Zutrix tool has this proficient SEO tool that lets a user analyze the targeted keyword. The report provides the keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, competition, Domain Authority, and many more metrics. 

The tool sends detailed reports for the added domains. The report is sent daily in a PDF format to the user’s mail directly. The user does not even have to log in to the Zutrix account to look at their keyword’s performance. 

Zutrix Free Tools to Power the SEO Marketing 

In addition to offering a premium paid version of the site, Zutrix has also created a slew of free tutorials, case studies and tools to help site owners of all sizes improve rankings and optimization on their site. We’ve listed some of their best free tools below.

This is the most popular and favorite tool on this site, which allows one to check up to 10 keywords. This is mainly for those whose budget does not let one go for paid services but are looking for a free Google SERP rank checker.

This helpful tool is available for free in the Zutrix platform. This tool allows one to optimize their content with the right keywords. The Google Autocomplete feature allows keywords suggestions that indicate how people are searching for one’s business brand. Therefore the users can recognize the user search query intent. This feature gives the user a direction on making the necessary changes in one’s approach.

This is similar to the Google Suggest tool. In this case, Zutrix provides a YouTube keyword tool to use better video titles and descriptions with the keywords searched most on the YouTube videos. This helps to create better videos and attract the targeted viewers and get more impressions. 

It is one of the best free tools of Zutrix, designed by experienced SEO experts that allows one to do in-depth keyword research. Performance metrics like accurate Keyword Search Volume, CPC, Competition Score, and General Trend are available with this tool. 

This tool helps to count the words of content. This is important for SEO rankings as a high word count is viewed favorably by Google. Word counter tools can also prove useful to freelancers and content creators that are looking to write articles with a specific amount of words in them.

How to Use the Zutrix Tool for Rank Tracking

It is effortless to start working on the Zutrix platform. After log in to the Zutrix account, the user lands on the dashboard. In the “Add Domain” section, one has to add the user’s website details. There one can add the domains and start tracking the keyword positions. 

One has to choose between the desktop or mobile option and click to add keywords. The ranking performance of the added keywords is available the next day. When one is adding a ranking position and search volume of a keyword is available the moment it is added. 

The tool allows one to monitor keywords position for 30 days or a lifetime depending on the plan availed. This tool also gives new keywords from the keyword planner.

To summarise why one should use a Zutrix tool 

  • Easy settings and user interface

  • Search results based on AI-powered accuracy 

  • Real-time notifications on positional change of keywords vis email and Telegram

  • Tools to sharpen SEO skills

  • Keyword Planner with daily updates on CPC

  • Detailed keyword analysis by Keyword Lab

  • Location-wise rank tracking

  • A free tool with an option to upgrade to paid plans for a higher keyword search limit.

  • 24/7 customer support  

  • Affordable pricing plans with a seven-day free trial option. 

In Conclusion

No matter the size or focus of your website or agency, all users will find the Zutrix SERP checker tool effective for their SEO campaigns. The Zutrix platform uses high-powered IA-backed tools. The tool uses complex algorithms to find out Google’s position on the user’s intended search terms related to one business.

And with so many different sites now using shady SEO tactics to try and rank higher in Google, it’s important to make sure you are analyzing your stats and SEO metrics at all times.

Through the use of the game-changing tools and features being offered by Zutrix, site owners now have everything they need to continually improve their site optimization and rankings on a daily basis. Not only does it give complete insights on how keywords relevant to one’s business are performing, including competition, it also prepares you for how to take on the top industry sites you are fighting to outrank. 

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