Answers about Possessive Nouns

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bokep memek There bokeh are two accepted forms bokep porn for bokeh porn possessive singular bokep nouns bokeh ending in bokeh s:Add an apostrophe bokeh (‘) bokep after the existing bokep crot s at the end memek of the porn word: memek memek Father Jess’Add bokeh an bokeh crot porn apo

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Plural crot Nouns

crot bokeh +1

What is the correct bokep bokeh possessive bokeh form porn memek of memek bokep workers?

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porn bokep The bokep plural porn of employee is bokeh memek bokep employees. porn memek The memek memek plural bokeh possessive crot of employee memek bokeh is employees'(apostrophe after the bokep S). bokep Example: bokep The porn memek employees’ contributions porn to the charity

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porn Possessive Nouns

What is the possessive porn noun for bokeh bokeh worker?

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The memek plural possessive bokeh form bokeh is bokeh workmen’s.

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