Learning to utilize e-commerce more important now than ever

J@vier M@rceli
A business owner packing an online order for shipment.

If the pandemic taught us all anything, it is that there is more than one way to serve customers. Social distancing forced many businesses to rethink how they deliver their goods and services. Many restaurants pivoted toward online ordering, no contact delivery, and curbside pickup. Retailers also borrowed the same strategies used by restaurants by offering curbside pickup, and online ordering. By utilizing and creating new ways to safely serve customers, many businesses were able to maintain business revenue and, in some cases, acquire new customers through the pandemic. The common thread among these changes is e-commerce. E-commerce is defined by conducting transactions electronically on the internet. For new businesses that have sprung up during the pandemic, utilizing these methods is crucial to operating in a world that has adapted to a new way of life. What are some ways businesses can utilize ecommerce to serve customers that have adopted ecommerce to their daily lives? In this article, we will explore digital strategies for providing ecommerce options to potential customers.

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