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When you’re trying to turn your business idea into reality, you have to jump through so many things and hoops to fully set up a separate legal entity that becomes your limited liability company. 

And that’s not a time when you should be spending many hours trying to figure out how to fill out forms. 

While you continue to focus on creating those first relationships with new customers and vendors, let an LLC service take care of the boring stuff. 

With our list of best LLC services, you’ll find the right one for your specific business, allowing you to get set up even on the tightest budgets. 

Top 5 LLC Services

  1. ZenBusiness – all the packages you may need in one place
  2. LegalZoom – providing you with legal support along your business journey
  3. IncFile – a service with a good turnaround time and a free tax consultation
  4. Inc Authority – an ideal solution for those on a tight budget
  5. Rocket Lawyer – if you need regular support for legal documents

Our Top Picks

1. ZenBusiness LLC Formation Service

ZenBusiness is our top recommendation after carefully reviewing dozens of companies in the business services industry. 

Even the basic LLC formation services package includes the operating agreement your business needs to file as well as one full year of registered agent service for free. 

That’s a lot of value that could easily cost hundreds of dollars, making your startup budget stretch that much further. 

And if you’re not sure what kind of CPA support you will need, ZenBusiness will review your business and give you some recommendations. 

While they don’t offer the fastest possible service or upgrades to speed up the process, we found that many clients were very happy with the turnaround time to get all the documentation, including articles of organization, operating agreement, and application forms sent off for processing. 

The only thing you might be missing is some add-ons for legal support. 


  • One of the cheapest LLC service providers to include a registered agent
  • Basic package includes the LLC operating agreement
  • ZenBusiness also offer accounting advice based on your particular business needs
  • Positive customer reviews about the turnaround times 


  • Upsell packages provide no additional features for legal support and advice

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2. LegalZoom 

LegalZoom has become a huge brand that can help startup businesses, especially those who need regular support from lawyers. 

That’s why we would list this as the best LLC service with legal advice services available right now. 

The great thing is that you don’t have to budget for large monthly retainers that you would normally have with law firms. 

We also noted that many people have commented that the LLC formation services are fast and efficient, with many people fully set up within 3 to 4 weeks. 

People also liked that the online business formation service offers customer support hours that extend later into the evening, which gives you a lot more flexibility to reach out for legal advice when you need it. 

The main downside is that even the basic online LLC formation service isn’t the cheapest option available, but you do gain brand recognition with LegalZoom


  • Offers a legal services subscription with access to lawyers
  • Suitable for new businesses who need help with legal documents on a tight budget
  • Customer reviews highlight the fast turnaround times of the LLC service
  • Extended customer service hours to make it easier to get legal support


  • It’s not the cheapest option for LLC services

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3. IncFile

Next on our list of best LLC services is IncFile, and as the name suggests, they have created a service that involves all aspects of initial and regular LLC filings. 

The business formation services have a good turnaround time, and there is some good value available in the upgraded packages. 

The basic package is actually free, and it even includes free registered agent service for the first year, which other companies generally charge $150 or more for. 

In the upgraded package, you also get a free business tax consultation with advice on what you need to do to stay compliant and reduce your tax exposure. 

You’ll also receive regular reminders for federal and state filing deadlines, but the legal support offered in the platinum package is a bit limited.

If you expect to need regular legal advice, then LegalZoom would be the better option. 


  • Basic free LLC formation service and first year of registered agent service is free
  • Get a tax consultation when upgrading to the gold package
  • Affordable packages for businesses with limited budgets
  • Customer support also covers annual report service for state and federal filing


  • Legal advice packages are limited and not as helpful as LegalZoom

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4. IncAuthority

IncAuthority also offers a free way to form an LLC, but you still have to factor in the state filing fees, which can range from $40 to $500 depending on the state you’re filing in. 

The LLC formation services even include registered agent service for the first year, which is something that you cannot avoid.

And if you haven’t made arrangements for all your business banking needs, then IncAuthority will offer great deals with some of their affiliated partners to make it all a lot easier.

There’s also a tax consultation included as part of the online LLC formation services, and customer support feedback is very positive about it. 

Just keep in mind that if you choose some extra services, you will likely pay more than some of the above companies charge. 


  • Free basic package available is ideal for tight budgets
  • 1-year registered agent service is also included
  • InAuthority also offer great deals for setting up business bank accounts
  • Get tax planning advice to make sure you are compliant from the moment you start operating


  • The add on services work out quite expensive compared to other companies

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5. Rocket Lawyer

The final one of our recommended LLC creation services is Rocket Lawyer, and you might find this company is a great fit if you know you’re going to require regular support for legal documents. 

When you sign up for their monthly subscription, you’ll also get allocated 30 minutes of time with a lawyer to discuss legal matters for your company. 

And if you need to hire a lawyer to deal with a legal issue in or out of court, then you can get an impressive 40% discount on their usual rates. 

Now, the reason we didn’t rank this service higher is that the fees for just the corporation formation services are quite high, and they don’t include a registered agent.

But if you expect to need regular legal advice, then this is a great option. 


  • Great value for regular legal work on a monthly subscription service
  • Ability to hire Rocket Lawyer attorneys directly at a 40% discount rate
  • Positive customer feedback about the Rocket Lawyer support team
  • Easy to use legal form builder covers many common legal documents


  • Not the cheapest option for an LLC service provider

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Choosing The Right LLC Service For Your Business

Here are the four main things to consider when choosing the best LLC formation service for your needs.

1. Budget

Many startup companies have a very tight budget, but the good thing is that registering your LLC won’t put too much of a dent in that budget. 

Some of the above business formation service providers offer a free service plus state fees, but even the paid ones are affordable. 

It’s also worth checking whether the company includes a free registered agent service worth $150 in the first year. 

2. Legal Support

If you expect to need regular legal support and access to business contract templates, then you should plan that from the start. 

LegalZoom is the best option for this, and even though their basic package isn’t the cheapest, you can save a lot of money that you would otherwise need to spend on law firm retainers for legal services. 

3. Turnaround Time

You can speed up the business formation process by choosing LLC formation packages that prioritize your application. It doesn’t impact how fast the state authorities process the application, but it can still save a few days and even weeks. 

To find out what the standard turnaround time is, contact the customer support team to see what their current expectation is. If you have an urgent need, then it could be worth upgrading your package. 

4. Add-On LLC Formation Services

Our top recommendation above is ZenBusiness, and they include pretty much everything you need on the basic package. 

But other LLC services sometimes charge extra for the operating agreement and articles of organization. And in most cases, you’ll have to pay to get your employer identification number or tax ID number (EIN) set up as well.


Should you use an online service for LLC formation?

Yes, you should use online LLC services to form your business. There’s a lot of paperwork to fill out that will otherwise just distract you from getting your business up and running. And most LLC services online include registered agent services for the first year as well. 

What is the easiest LLC to start?

A single-member LLC is the easiest way to start an LLC. It’s also the most common for people who start businesses on their own or transition from a small sole proprietorship. 

What is the cheapest state to form an LLC?

Kentucky is currently the cheapest state to form an LLC with state fees at $40. Other states charge up to $500, but it is generally best to form your LLC in the state where you will be doing most of your business. 

Is an S Corp better than an LLC?

No, an S Corp isn’t always better than an LLC. S Corp is a specific tax designation that may have advantages for some people. Still, most new businesses will be better off starting as an LLC unless you have received specific tax advice to do so differently. 

Have You Signed Up For An LLC Formation Service?

Out of our list of best LLC formation services, we believe that most of you will get the best bang for your buck with ZenBusiness. 

It’s a highly affordable service with different packages to tailor to your needs. And with registered agent services included for free in the first year, you’re in a good position to get your business off the ground with a limited budget. 

Sign up for the best LLC service today and see how quickly you can have your own LLC up and running with no hassle of paperwork. 

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