9 of the Most Reliable SERP Checker Tools

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If you are searching for some of the most reliable SERP checker tools to check the rankings of your targeted keywords on search engines, this is the right place to get information. 

Even if you are currently doing Keyword research correctly on your own, you must know how the keywords are faring. Tracking the performance of your web page or content can be quickly done with the help of SERP checker tools.  

To understand once again what SERP is, it is the abbreviation of Search Engine Ranking Position. Monitoring and analyzing SERPs can indicate the progress of your digital marketing campaign. If you have managed to reach the top of Google rankings, then it means that you have done the SEO process correctly – that is, keyword research, backlinks, quality content with accurate on-page SEO, etc.

If your keywords rank between the 3rd and 10th page of the Google search engine, you will know the possible reason why it is so. Website visibility is a crucial factor in gaining prominence in web-based businesses. If there is less amount of traffic, then you must be missing out on something. Here it would help if you improve your SEO strategies. 

So, let us see how these SERP tools can be helpful. Though there are many tools out there, you must look for those tools which are reliable and not those that are ineffective or give inaccurate results.

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Zutrix SERP Checker Tool

Of the many different SEO tools on the market today, Zutrix was one our first and favorite to review. It is the first keyword rank tracker tool that uses AI. This intelligent tool aims at improving your SEO performance.

It is a complete solution that provides all the SEO stuff required for keyword ranking monitoring. Because it uses complex algorithms thanks to its AI features, its accuracy is high, and targeted keyword exact position is available. 

Some features of Zutrix

  • Accurate results backed by AI
  • Real-time notifications through email 
  • Competition tracking with recommendations 
  • More keyword ideas from Keyword lab.
  • Ranking report including white-label report and sharing through links
  • Availability of free and attractive paid plans  

SERP Checker

If you are looking for a SERP checker tool on a limited budget, then SERP Checker is excellent. It is considered the ultimate tool for competition analysis apart from being a reliable rank tracking tool

Features Of SERP Checker 

  • Daily report on keyword position and rank tracking with distribution charts
  • Tracks performance of unique, organic traffic from marketing campaign through Dominance index 
  • Tracks mobile and desktop results
  • Automatic alerts for customized marketing campaigns
  • Good value for money in the basic plan – unlimited domain tracking

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

This tool makes rank tracking easy with its white-label reports. The customized ready-to-use reports are available from mobile and desktops. This tool also has the advantage of tracking keywords in any language. 

With an easy-to-track interface, the tool tracks ranking from more than 3000 search engines from 130+ countries. Moreover, it uses location-wise search results and human search behavior to provide high accuracy data.

SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is one of the best trackers when it comes to providing professional reports to clients. Its API features and white label reports are for collaborative use. One can also create sub-accounts for each project and organize the workspace.  

Best Features

  • 100% accurate and secure data, including search volume  
  • Apart from the keyword tracking feature, the map results and Google Ads positioning features gets effectively monitored.
  • The tools visibility score and Deep ranking report can track up to 5 competitors
  • Analysis and retrospective view of top 100 search results.


This tool uses Deep analysis to monitor and analyze the top 20 results of each keyword entered. It helps to understand what strategy competition is using with keywords.

Summary Features 

  • Provides a customized data reporting system 
  • Finds and recommends new opportunities with SERP checker and get more visitors 
  • Email notifications alerting on ranking position changes 

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker

This tool is currently one of the best in long-tail keyword research and analysis. It is a well-developed tool made with the help of successful affiliate marketers, and bloggers by NichePursuits.com.This tool even monitor rankings for the targeted keywords through its Rank Tracker tool. 

Some key features

  • Allows one to add 2 URLs per month for tracking keyword rankings
  • Allows up to 30 rank tracker terms monthly
  • Date-wise detailed report on the site ranking.
  • Daily updates on ranking 


This SERP checker tool tracks SEO rankings on Google only. It can check up to multiple keywords for a single domain for free. One has to enter the keywords or domain to start tracking. This tool allows one to select a region based on the target location.

The keyword ranking and tracking report can be exported to a CSV file to monitor and analyze the website and the content based on the selected keywords. By just registering on this tracker online, one can check up to 25 keywords per domain up to a maximum of 25 domains for free. 


This SEO software is a free tool for checking SERP on Google. It ascertains if a website is ranked on Google search results and its ranking position. Here the users can search up to 10 keywords positions. Earlier, this tool was known as SERPLAB. One has to enter the region, domain name, and keywords, and the ranking position is displayed by the tool quickly. To ascertain accurate results, users need to sign out of Google accounts and clear the browser cache. 


If looking for a reliable and fast SERP ranking tool for free, one can use SERP SURF without hesitation. This tool gives accurate results for the targeted keywords, competitor’s rankings. For each query, SERP SURF displays the top ten results in the search phrase. This tool is intuitive and quite handy to use. 

The Best SEO Tools for Site Owners

SERP tracking software tools help track your website or content performance based on targeted keyword search queries. They allow one to strategically plan the online marketing campaign and monitor the results accordingly. 

Though there are plenty of SERP tools available, we have shortlisted summary features of some reliable and free tracking tools used by marketers, bloggers, and businesses in this article. These tools are productive even in their free version though the paid premium versions give more features and are ideal for digital marketing agencies.

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Published August 13th, 2021

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