How digital marketing can transform a start-up company into a contender

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If you want your company to succeed in the current landscape, the first thing to look into would be the state of digital marketing. Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of running a business, though internet marketing is even higher on the priority list. After all, without the right type of internet marketing to keep a company afloat, a business would have the possibility of falling into obscurity.

Whereas print/traditional marketing might have been an important tool decades ago, internet marketing has surpassed it to become the number one priority of any company in the digital age. Here are a few ways digital marketing can transform a start-up company into a contender.

Giving success to local brick-and-mortar businesses

While the effects of internet marketing are clear to companies that provide online products and services, what of the local brick-and-mortar businesses? Truth be told, most people prefer to stay at home to shop for what they need — especially with the pandemic. In such cases, local businesses still need to go online and make use of marketing tactics to ensure that the locals know the company exists.

For example, the Google algorithm has separate search results for local listings, which is where a local company can stake their claim. The use of local search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing focused on local events can make a company that much more visible to its target audience. Geo-targeting ensures that local brick-and-mortar companies still have a chance online.

How link building provides success

Link building is all about getting high-quality websites to link back to your site in an attempt to get the Google algorithm’s attention. It mostly involves creating unique and compelling content that could potentially convince quality sites to link back to your content. In essence, a high rank on the Google results page will result in more links, as top contenders can easily find your content.

Content marketing works very well in this case, as unique and relevant articles and blogs make the perfect canvas for link building. For new companies that want to make a difference right away, the use of a professional link building agency such as is highly recommended. Surprisingly, one of the best ways to try to establish a relationship with other companies is through outreach services, which is one of the oldest SEO tricks in the book. Companies during the 90s used email outreach to the point that it oversaturated the platform and gave rise to spam! These days, not too many businesses make use of email outreach, which provides a rare opportunity for newer businesses to reach out to industry veterans without any of the risks.

The power of internal link building

While getting quality sites to link back to your company website is great, there’s an easy way to get started. For example, with blogs and articles you can make use of internal link building to start building links without outside help. It will be up to you to determine the site you want to link to, as well as the anchor page used. If the business owner has a creative streak in writing, it’s something that they can do themselves instead of relying on professional services.

In such cases, there is no need to get the permission of other companies to build links, as it’s up to you to figure out which links are best for your articles. Going for content that appears on the front page of Google search results is a good idea, but do not forget to look into the domain authority (DA) of the site. The higher the DA, the easier it will be for the algorithm to index. It’s an underrated method of building a strong presence online, but it’s essential — especially for newer companies without a big budget.

Without a doubt, digital marketing is the way to go if a company wants brand recognition and exposure as soon as possible. With most people adopting an introverted lifestyle due to the pandemic, it’s even more important to make use of digital marketing strategies at this time.

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