Review of EXANTE – how to trade with the EXANTE platform

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Review of EXANTE – how to trade with the EXANTE platform

In this review of broker EXANTE, we will look at the products that they offer, their commissions and rates, and most importantly, how the EXANTE trading terminal works. This means looking at its availability on different devices, the functionality of the terminal, and how a trader can place their first trade. If you are eager to learn more about EXANTE, read on.

What is EXANTE?

EXANTE is a global investment company that currently has $2 billion in total Assets under Management. Founded in 2011 in Malta by Gatis Eglitis, Alexey Kirienko, and Anatoly Knyazev, EXANTE was the first Maltese broker to offer direct access to local traders in the country. In 2023, the broker has over 600,000 financial instruments available for trading, including forex, bonds, metals, stocks and ETFs, futures, and options, and it has become one of the leading investment companies in Europe.

EXANTE’s product offering

To know whether EXANTE will be a good broker for you, you should first understand if their product offering can cover your investment needs. As mentioned, with over 600,000 financial instruments available for trading, chances are, there is something that every trader can look forward to. Nevertheless, it is essential that you understand exactly what they offer.


EXANTE offers over 50 forex pairs for trading on the spot or through CFDs. These pairs include majors, minors, and exotics (upon request). Forex spreads begin from a spread of 0.3, and commissions vary depending on the currency pair and the size of the trade.


Bond investors will be able to benefit from US and Euro corporate and government bonds, as well as exotic varieties, at EXANTE. Bond rates begin from 9bps with the broker, and there is a reasonable commission that depends on the bond that is being traded.


Metals investors can potentially profit from investing in gold, silver, copper, palladium, and platinum with EXANTE, with fast execution and ultra-low latency. Precious metals can be traded on the spot, while metals in general can be traded with derivatives, such as futures, options, and ETFs. Metals can be traded from as low as 3 USD.

Stocks and ETFs

An impressive 24,000+ stocks from over 50 financial markets are available for trading with EXANTE. Whether traders are looking to buy shares of blue-chip companies or up-and-coming businesses, there is something for everyone. Some of the major stock exchanges traders can access with EXANTE include EURONEXT, the ASX, the NYSE, the HKEX, the NASDAQ, the TSE, and the TASE. Stocks and ETFs can be traded from a minimum of 0.02 USD.


If you are looking to participate in futures trading in any of the global exchanges, you can do so with EXANTE, who offers access to more than 500 futures varieties, including commodity futures and bond futures. You can gain direct access to over 30 global futures markets such as the CBOT, the CME, the HKEX, the SGX, and the NYMEX. Futures begin from 1.5 USD.


Last but certainly not least – more than 500,000 optionvarieties can be traded at EXANTE. Tradres that are interested in options can participate in the biggest exchanges in the world, such as the ASX, the CBOT, the CME, the EUREX, and the HKEX. Options can be traded from a minimum of 1.5 USD, and traders can use Greeks and Implied Volatility (IV) to monitor price movements in options trading.

EXANTE commissions and rates

EXANTE charges commissions and fees for trade execution, overnight financing, and rates on stock borrowing for short selling. Commissions are calculated based on the financial instrument that is being traded, the size of the position, and margin utilisation. For more an accurate calculation, traders can learn more from their trading terminal.

EXANTE, like most brokers, charges an overnight financing rate, and traders can hold their positions overnight for a small fee. This is applicable for all short positions and all FX trades. The actual fee depends on market conditions, and traders can find the most updated information in their Client’s Area when they have logged into their EXANTE account. Traders may also be subject to a triple fee when they hold their positions open overnight for the weekend from Wednesday to Thursday night. Additionally, EXANTE charges safekeeping fees for cryptocurrency funds, which crypto traders should note.

Short selling is possible with EXANTE on stocks. For traders who need to borrow stocks, the default rate is 12% for all easy-to-borrow stocks regardless of live account type. Traders, however, should look up the limits and rates for the liquid stocks that are available for borrowing if they want to participate in short selling. They can ask for a quote by contacting [email protected] for the most accurate assessment of their situation and current market conditions.

EXANTE does not charge any fees for margin trading, and traders are free to trade with leverage as long as margin utilisation is kept below 100%.

How to trade with EXANTE’s trading platform

EXANTE traders can use the broker’s proprietary platform, which is available on mobile, as a web terminal, or on desktop after software installation. To start trading with the broker, traders must first create a live or demo account with the broker to get the login credentials required. If they wish to start off with a demo account, they can make the switch to a live account fairly easily when they have tried out the trading platform.

The EXANTE trading platform software can be downloaded from the EXANTE website. It is compatible with Windows (64 bit), Mac, and Linux operating systems, and traders can download the EXANTE trading app on iOS and Android to start trading while away from their desk. All traders must naturally have an Internet connection to start trading.

Installation of the trading platform and first launch

Traders can download the setup file from the EXANTE website to their operating system, and they can install the platform with Wizard. Upon first launch, traders will be asked to log into a live or demo account, and they can choose accordingly.

There is a lot of customisation that one can do with EXANTE’s trading platform. Namely, in the Settings – General section, there is the possibility to select the trading language, displayed currency, timezone, colour scheme, and other login settings such as ‘remember email’, ‘remember password’, ‘show tips’, and more. The selected layout can be reset anytime.

Placing your first trade

You can place your first trade by using the Order module found on the left hand side of the terminal. The module window will appear in the right part of the screen by default, and it can be opened into a new wnidow by itself if you are using the web platform. Traders can then select the instrument, currency, price, order type, quantity, and set risk management strategies such as take profit and stop limit orders. They can also utilise margin trading.When the market is closed, traders can only set limit orders.

Our final opinions on EXANTE

EXANTE is a reliable and trustworthy broker that is well-regulated and has an extensive offering of financial instruments that can help build a balanced portfolio for any type of trader. For those who are looking to start trading with EXANTE, they can do so on desktop, browser, or with an app – making it hugely flexible. There is also the possibility of trading on demo before transitioning to live, which can be done fairly easily. With a simple interface and plenty of guides on how to use the platform, we believe EXANTE traders are generally in good hands.

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