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Currently there are numerous risks of satellites in our environment. Due to the fact that this current influx of satellites is so new, right now there isn’t a great deal of research study just yet that associates the harmful results of EMF from satellites to health problems. This may work in favor of the big organizations that are flooding our skies with satellites at the moment– but truth be told there is no doubt that we will begin to see the harmful adverse effects sooner rather than later..

OneWeb is a satellite broadband enterprise that’s based in the UK. Finance in March OneWeb stated insolvency, however has recently because been bailed out by the UK government and Indian telecoms syndicate..

In an attempt to take on SpaceX, OneWeb has already applied to the FCC to introduce 47,844 satellites. The business currently has approval to launch 720 satellites, and if the FCC rules in their favor they will have 9 years to introduce the additional 47,844 into orbit..

Believe again if you believed Amazon could not take over one more thing. Support in July the FCC gave Amazon’s application to launch 3,236 satellites into space. This job, called Project Kuiper, is suggested to produce a mega-constellation of satellites that will orbit earth and offer web to even the most remote areas of the planet..

EarthNow is a satellite syndicate supported by Bill Gates that intends to deliver real-time video of the whole world using satellite innovation. That’s right, this company is introducing innovative imaging video monitoring satellites which will provide real-time, continuous video of practically any place on earth. There is a lot more data, on this topic, if you click on their hyperlink Emf Shielding Bed Canopy ..!

Aside from the clear invasion of personal privacy that this technology will develop, the level of EMF radiation that it will take to produce a consistent video surveillance of the whole world is abstruse. The precise number of satellites that EarthNow will require to release its project has already not been shared publicly, but is estimated to begin soon. In addition to these 4 major satellite enterprises, certainly there are a handful of small guys that are likewise wishing to add to the EMF satellite contamination inside our atmosphere.

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